Becoming an Instructor

Have you ever thought about taking your diving to the next level? How would you like to make money while doing what you love to do? You can by becoming a scuba diving instructor. Reaching the level of instructor is a dream of many divers. It takes a lot of time and hard work. Most facilities bring you up to Dive Master or Assistant Instructor and then you have to travel away from here to finish your Instructor School. But in all reality it’s hard to work a full time job and go off to school to get your training. Here at Lake Hickory Scuba Center we offer all your training to take place here. You no longer need to wait for the next scheduled school in Florida or some other far away location. Our on staff Instructor Trainer can take you from Open Water Diver to Scuba Instructor and all the necessary certifications in between. We tailor the courses to your time frame. We have found it better to work your way up slowly. Taking the time to help our instructors with a variety of courses builds good teaching habits and confidence. Being an Instructor is not for everyone but if you think it’s for you, give us a call and we can get you started in a very rewarding career in the scuba diving industry.

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