Mares Does It Again

Jody Lot – The winner of the Spearfishing World Championship 2012 in Spain

Jody Lot claims victory at the 2012 Spearfishing World Championship in Spain, claiming the gold medal for his performance. Jody attributes much of his success to the Mares equipment used during the competition.
The Championship began July 5th, in Vigo Spain. The first two days consist of team meetings, social functions, and annual inauguration. The actual competition was a two day tournament beginning on the 7th.
Jody trained obsessively in Vigo for one month leading up to the tournament. He spent hours scouting and logging the best spearfishing spots. Spain’s diving conditions and type of spearfishing lended perfectly to Jody’s selection of Mares equipment:

Jody’s equipment consisted of the Squadra Superflex suit – perfect for this water temp. The Dual snorkel provides effortless breathing and comfort for extended periods of diving. Phantom Speed speargun shoots with optimum accuracy. Razor Carbon fins for their power, agility, and elasticity.

The first day of the competition was to the north, where Jody had fewer marked fish. He began to feel that a good result for the day was going to be very challenging. Much to his surprise he claimed one of the best results for day 1. Including bonus points he ended up with 1st place for day one competition.

On day two, Jody found himself in an area with more fish, however the diving proved to be more difficult. By the end of the day, despite the challenging diving and hunting he found himself in second place. Ultimately combining the victory and points from day one, he earned enough to win the entire competition; claiming World Spearfishing Champion 2012.

In two short years with Mares equipment, Jody Lot lays claim to Euro/African Champion and World Champion of Spearfishing! After the success of Joeseba Kerejeta, the 2008 World Champion, Mares adds one more Champion to the team. Mares is proud to say, we have the best Spearo’s on our Team!

Mares is once again, one of the best producers of Spearfishing and Freediving equipment.

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