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Force Bat Titanium

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Part Number:415624 Manufacturer: Mares

FORCE BAT TITANIUM Not just a titanium knife

•Beta titanium blade
•Foldable system

This knife is made of ultra-hard titanium. The knife opens easily with one hand. It offers hardness, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, and is lightweight and safe. This Mares beta titanium knife has superior cutting sharpness in its custom-ground blade with special serrations, allowing you to cut through a variety of special materials.

Force Bat Titanium

Knife fans, listen up! The latest new tool for demanding divers is here.

Force Bat Titanium – a name that promises a lot. A knife in beta-titanium. This valuable tool was made using a metal that has demonstrated excellent results in highly technological sectors (aeronautics and space navigation, military and medical equipment) and in extreme sports.

Titanium has resistance properties in the range of tempered steel, but with a specific gravity of 4.51g/cm3, it weighs about half as much as steel. For diving purposes, its advanced properties that protect it against corrosion in chlorine- and water-based solutions are crucial! Titanium is an anti-magnetic metal and is often used in its pure form, as well as in alloys or thermally treated.

Thats why titanium isnt always the same! Below 882°C, the metal state of titanium has an alpha structure (Alpha-titanium), while above this temperature it becomes a beta structure (Beta-titanium), used for diving knives. Beta-titanium can only be manufactured using new hot-treatment techniques, so-called hardening, in order to achieve advanced resistance qualities.

Whats more, the beta alloy (compare to pure titanium and alpha-titanium) has extreme resistance to corrosion. Both of these properties make beta-titanium the material par excellence of the new Mares Bat Force Titanium diving knife. A handy, lightweight jack knife thats always ready in an emergency.

Beta-titanium, combined with sharpened serrations along the blade, guarantee incredibly advanced cutting quality, even after continuous extended use in salt water. When closed it can be hooked easily to a BC or kept in a pocket and secured with the carabiner provided.

Force Bat Titanium – for the most important moments!

“Force Bat Titanium” technical specifications

Force Titan

Total length (mm):210
Weight (g):68
Length (mm):87,5
Features:carabiner and clip

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