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Lifeguard Shears/sheath

Lifeguard Shears/sheath


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Part Number:BTL125 Manufacturer: Lifeguard Systems

The number one problem faced by most public safety divers is entanglement. Divers should be well trained and practiced in managing a variety of entanglement problems common to the local area. Paramedic shears are one of the most effective tools to handle entanglement problems. Knives are not usually the best option, especially in low visibility or blackwater because: • divers can accidentally stab or cut themselves, a buddy or the victim. • in low visibility or cold water knives should be dropped when they are finished being used, to prevent injury that can occur during the resheathing process. • for entanglements such as fishing line, a knife requires a pulling action which can result in a hook being pulled into the diver’s body. • dive knives cost more than $5, and typically cost more than $40. And they can be lost even when not being used. • Knives are not usually effective when cutting metal wire, fish hooks, etc. • Knives are a little more difficult to place in the golden triangle area of the chest. Knives, or any cutting tool should not be worn on a leg where they are the furthest point from the divers’ hands and where they themselves cause entanglement. Shears solve all of these problems! The LGS Shear holder set is designed to be worn on a harness, on the BCD power inflator hose or on a BCD shoulder. The shears can cut through a penny as well as rope, and other entanglements. An unlike a knife, shears can easily cut a mass of fishing line into many small pieces to prevent further entanglements.

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